Block Printing with Laura Wilder - April 5

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Block Printing with Laura Wilder

(with Roycroft Master Artisan, Laura Wilder)

Sunday, April 5th from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Students will travel back in time before ink jet printers and laptops with the latest photo editing programs even existed to learn the intricacies of linoleum cut printmaking.  You will carve and print two linoleum blocks, to create several of your own 3” x 5” two-color note cards. Designs will be provided, or you can bring your own sketches. The printing itself will be done with a wooden spoon. Laura will demonstrate the steps, and as you work, she will tell stories of triumph and tragedy, using her own prints to illustrate.  Laura will also provide you with your own printmaking kit to take home so you can continue on your own printmaking journey.

In the weeks prior to the class, the instructor will give guidelines and feedback via email to enrolled students who would like to create their own block print design. These designs must be received by April 1st to receive feedback. So please enroll quickly.

After earning a BA in art and spending several years doing graphic design and commercial illustration, Laura Wilder discovered the Arts and Crafts movement. Its philosophy resonated with her, and after taking several printmaking courses, she started her own business making block prints, screen prints and paintings using the techniques, styles and themes of the Arts and Crafts era. Soon she became a Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan, and since then has become well-known and won many awards for her period style artwork. To learn more and see the art, go to:

Class Tuition: $135 + $75* Supplies = $210

*The price includes lunch and take-home kit.

Registration is required and seating is limited (Max. of 15 students) 

Please read the Class Policy form to understand all refund and cancellation information.




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