The Roycroft Campus can offer a wide range of Arts & Crafts related workshops to your school or group either on site or at your own location. Many of these activities are offered in the traditional media of the movement and offer a history of Elbert Hubbard and the Roycroft. Some can be modified to suit your group’s age level, or to correlate to a specific topic or curriculum theme.


  • 1-hour Introductory Museum Tour: The tour will take the group into the Press Room and Museum on the Campus giving a brief history of the Roycrot and Elbert Hubbard.
  • 1 1/2-hour Extended Tour: The tour will take the group around the Campus giving a history of the Roycroft and an overview of the Arts & Crafts movement.
  • 2 1/2-hour In-depth Tour of the Campus: The tour will take the group into the interior of many of the buildings on Campus giving a more detailed history of Hubbard, his wives, the Roycrofters and their artwork.

There is an educational discount on each ticket. All Tour tickets include admission to the Campus Museum.

Campus Museum

  • Entrance into the Museum on the Campus will give students access to some of the original artwork, photographs, letters, books and furniture of Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters.Museum admission is included with Tour tickets, or visit the Museum on it’s own. Activities can be added to the Museum such as an I-Spy game, scavenger hunt, or other educational activities.

Hands-On Workshops

  • Printing Press Demonstration & Print: One of our printers will give your students a short history and demonstration of the 19th century printing presses on the Campus. Individuals will each have an opportunity to run the press and make a print, which could be used later in a book binding project or on its own.
  • Book Binding Project: This hour-long, hands-on workshop has students creating a faux-leather journal in the same manner as the original Roycrofters. If individuals made a print earlier in the day, this could be bound in the journal as well.
  • Illumination/Gold Leaf Project: This hour-long, hands-on workshop has students illuminating (painting) a print in the same manner as the original Roycrofters. Students will also learn about gold leaf and apply it to a small area of their project.

Other workshops and demonstrations may be available. Options and cost will depend on the size of the group, date & time, supplies needed, and availability of instructors.


We have a variety of subjects and speakers which we could arrange to talk to your students, throughout the day, either in your classroom or on the Campus. These presentations usually include a Powerpoint with historical photographs. Topics include “A Short History of the Roycroft”, “Elbert Hubbard – The Early Years”, “The Roycroft Press”, “Dard Hunter – The Roycroft Years”, “Western New York: Epicenter of the American Arts & Crafts Movement”, “The Women of the Roycroft” to name a few. Please visit our Speaker’s Bureau page for a complete list of topics. Or if you have a topic of interest you can request if a talk is available.

Meet and Greet Artists

  • Artists in Residence: The Campus has a variety of artists in residence, in various media. We can possibly schedule a visit to see their studios and talk to them.

Other Options

There are other attractions, some within walking distant of the Campus, which groups might be interested in including:

  • Elbert Hubbard Museum: Housed in one of the original Roycrofters home, this is a not to miss Museum filled with original furniture, artwork and studio. Within walking distance from the Campus.
  • Millard Fillmore Museum: This National Historic Landmark is the home of our 13th President which he build for his bride in 1826.
  • Baker Memorial Church: Home to 16 original Tiffany stained glass windows. Within walking distance from the Campus.

Visit our Nearby Attractions for more options.


Additional Information and Scheduling

For additional information, availability and pricing, please contact Alan Nowicki at or call 716-655-0261.