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Illuminations or an illuminated manuscript, was an art form started in the Middle Ages. It refers to books, in which the first letter, borders or small illustrations were hand-painted on the pages. The Arts & Crafts Movement looked back at the Medieval times and wanted to create books that were beautiful works of art. Following in this tradition, Roycroft illuminators added paintings to the books created in their Print Shop.

Follow the Roycrofters and be an illuminator in your own home by printing and coloring these Roycroft mottos.

What We Think Illumination
They Say Illumination
Fences Illumination
Patience Illumination
Speak Well Illumination
Get Busy Illumination
The Climb Illumination

Elbert Hubbard Documentary

The Roycroft Campus has collaborated with PBS on a program about Elbert Hubbard and the Roycroft. The documentary Elbert Hubbard: An American Original is available to be streamed through the PBS website here or can be purchased through our online store as a DVD by clicking here.

An Educator’s Guide was developed dealing with the themes explored in the Elbert Hubbard: An American Original documentary. This guide contains lesson plans in multiple subject areas for grades 7-12. Themes in the Guide include:

  • A Rebel with a Cause
  • A Message to … Read and Write
  • A Message to … Speak and Listen
  • The Arts & Crafts Movement – Head, Heart and Hands
  • Selling to the Masses
  • The Allure of Roycroft Past and Present

This guide is available as a downloadable pdf by clicking here.