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Writing It Down: The Gift of Memoir – April 7th (Online)


Writing It Down: The Gift of Memoir and Family Stories

(A Writing Workshop Author, Rick Ohler)
Tuesday Mornings, starting April 7th – Seven sessions from 9:30am – 11:30am – ONLINE

A seven-session workshop designed to help beginning and experienced writers plan, develop and write their memoirs or family story or both.

The writers of memoirs and the tellers of family stories create priceless gifts for their children and grandchildren and for generations yet unborn. But writing memoirs is also a gift we give ourselves. Committing to the process of researching, sorting, gathering memories and arranging them into a logical and entertaining narrative, does wonders for the spirit and lends a clarity to life that may not have existed before.

In this seven-session workshop, we’ll first consider examples of memoir and family story from the most basic to the most elegant, from photocopied anecdotes to professionally published hardcover books. We’ll discuss where memoir and family story merge and where they diverge into separate entities. With a class size of eight, we should have enough diversity, so the sharing of writing and plans will enlighten and elevate each of us.

Then we will do some focused writing that will help writers make a plan for their individual projects. During each session, we’ll share our writing in an encouraging and nurturing manner and develop assignments for the days between sessions. The bargain that workshop members strike with each other is simple: You agree to listen intently to everyone’s stories and they will do the same for you. After six meetings, each writer should have a draft of his or her writing project, plans for revision, and a schedule of work yet to be done.

Teacher, writer, author, award-winning columnist and newspaper writer Rick Ohler has been helping veteran and first-time writers, from teenagers to nonagenarians with their stories for 35 years. He offers popular classes throughout the year and leads annual travel writing bus trips to Wyoming County. Visit him at

Class Tuition $130 (includes seven 2-hour sessions)
Registration is required and seating is limited. (Max. of 6 students)

Register online or email us at and we will return your message or give you a call if you prefer.

This class will take place online via Zoom, or on the Roycroft Campus when reopened