#12: Grand Canyon Study


Soft pastel painting of Grand Canyon National Park. Painting measures 6″x8″, 13″x16″ framed.

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Catherine LaPointe Vollmer has always loved to travel, but it wasn’t until she started visiting the national parks that she started to take note of the wonders that the natural world has to offer. It is the quiet elegance and adventure in seeking out hidden landscape that inspire her love for plein air painting.

Vollmer enjoys getting up close to an area that she may have otherwise driven by, seeking out unique perspectives and turning unfamiliar places into a piece of home.

As a painter, she works in the style of Modern Impressionism; constantly seeking to capture the fleeting effects of light through loose and expressive marks. Vollmer thrives on connecting with landscapes and expressing her emotions in relation to where she is and its effect on her.

She states, “It’s like gazing into the eyes of another person for one intimate moment, I want to inspire those who see my artwork to hold that gaze… instead of quickly glancing away.”

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