#2: Cookie Gilchrist


Measures 12″ x 24″.

Constructed of acrylics, pen & ink on panel.

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“Today, the name Cordell Cordaro is at the top of Rochester’s art scene. Talk with nearly anyone in Rochester who holds even a marginal interest in art and they’ll know of Cordell and his wife and fellow Artist, Rachel Cordaro. Cordell’s swanky portraits of the bourgeois lifestyle hang in restaurants and bars across Rochester and beyond.” – Pam Emigh-Murphy

Cordaro’s colorful crowd of characters seem to have walked out of many different types of story-realms. Some may be mistaken for elegant extras from the Great Gatsby or Casablanca- poised and preoccupied. Others hail from fairytales and take on a magical, mythic quality as tiny women cling to soaring sparrows and feathered birds wear jaunty hats. Stylistically, Cordaro’s works nod to Egon Schiele’s elegant waifs, in which anatomical distortions convey emotional truths, but is gestural brushstrokes and playful, mythic injections make his prolific portfolio firmly his own.

Mastering many media forms, Cordaro’s work includes paintings, ink drawings and combinations of the two mediums. Intriguing fans from across the world, Cordaro has participated in shows in New York City and Florida and has found an audience in California, Greece, Singapore and the UK.

Art gives insight into the human spirit that words cannot. Cordell puts it this way: “Human language,” he explains, “is limiting in what we can express creatively or what we can experience. Artists think a lot. They have impressions inside their head. But when we try to put words to these impressions the meanings get lost. So when a painter sees a blank canvas, they thinks to himself ‘ok, let’s do this.’ The abstract meanings that are inside come out on the canvas, the inner emotion, the passion for life, it all comes out on the canvas.”


Exhibition runs during business hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm from Saturday, April 1 until Saturday, July 1. 

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