#6: Crow Sculpture, with Berry


Sculpture is constructed of earthenware clay and undergoes multiple firings in an oxidation kiln.

This sculpture measures about 14″ x 15″ x 7″.

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Mary Philpott grew up in Oakville Ontario, and studied Art History at the University of Guelph, and spent some time at McMaster University doing Archeology and Anthropology before discovering her love for clay and textile design.

She attended the School of Crafts and Design at Sheridan College, and then began a residency at the Harbourfront Craft Studios before opening her own teaching studio in Toronto.

In 2002 she moved to Stratford and had a tile design studio there until 2015, when she had moved her studio to Uxbrdige to live on an old farm. Mary’s studio practice moved to become predominantly sculptural work in 2011. Mary has attended Artist Residencies in Canada, the USA and France, with future plans for next years residency in Toulouse, southwest France. Her work is shown and collected internationally in both private and public collections.

Philpott’s exhibition will be on display in the Copper Shop Gallery loft from October 28, 2023 until January 27, 2024.


Artist Statement

“The work that I make is a reflection of my interest in the lives and natural beauty of animals, both domesticated and wild. Living in th The raven croaking, deer on the edge of the forest and snowshoe hares hiding in the hedgerows. Living closer to us are our domesticated and familiar friends: the donkey and goats, the fox and the hounds. The countryside amongst both farm and woodland, the lives and stories of the animals and birds are always on the edge of ones’ seeing. My rendering of these reflect a historical reference to nineteenth century children’s book illustrations, as well as medieval manuscript illuminations, through the body and rendering of fur, hair and feathered surfaces of the Beings. They are in static poses like in the medieval book of hours paintings, suggesting that each be considered, or remembered, as a representation of an animal in a folktale for the viewer to recall a narrative and enactment of a loved story, or as part of an allegory. Ultimately, I would like the viewer to be reminded of a story that they recall with fondness, a happiness and a love of the narrative that the animal represents for them.”


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