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The Farmhouse mug is everything you want in a mug. Sturdy, capacious, modern, and full of the one of a kind personality that comes with the clear evidence of the maker’s fingerprints and raw clay. Let your mornings be full of coffee and art.

These are hand-thrown by Eric Holbein on the potters wheel and fired to stoneware temperatures. Able to handle hot or cold, these mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. There is no lead or other harmful materials in the glaze, making this a perfectly food safe vessel in which to enjoy your favorite coffee, tea, cider, or beer.

Each piece is stamped New Albion Clayworks. Given that these are a handmade product, there may be some slight variation in dimension or glaze application. We hope that you will appreciate these slight differences as they bring a unique character to each piece.

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New Albion Clayworks began in 2017 when co-owners and Husband and Wife, Eric and Maria, returned home from a trip to Tanzania where they worked for an organization called Neema Crafts, which is an organization that provides people living with disabilities vocational training and employment opportunities at their craft workshop.

The duo has worked hard designing pots that are made to be used. Design is a lengthy process of imagination, hard work, thinking (and rethinking), finding parameters, reaching higher and deeper, considering everything and patience. Designed for beauty and practicality; for an aesthetic that is at once striking and yet visually versatile enough to settle into the landscape of a unique home, a feel that is as satisfying to touch, hold, and use as it is to look at, and a serviceability that makes these stackable, sturdy, comfortable dishes the first ones you reach for.

Pottery is an age old tradition that has built into itself many different techniques and technologies. New Albion Clayworks’ pots are hand thrown on a wheel, each one is individually made right in their workshop in Western NY. Each piece is truly unique. All pieces are fired to stoneware temperatures and hand dipped in glazes. This process allows them to produce beautiful home-ware in small batches, standardized into lovely product lines but not so standardized as to erase the handmade personality of each vessel or the evidence of the maker. All of their dishes are 100% food safe, and dishwasher and microwave safe.