Forest Glen Framed


Handcrafted with brass and colored epoxies, as well as the following woods:

Blackwood (Africa), Cardinalwood (Brazil) , Cherry (Canada), Paela (Mexico), Pau Amarello (Central & South America), Purpleheart (Central & South America), Spalted Maple (Canada), Tulipwood (Brazil), Verawood (Venezuela), Walnut (Canada)

Measures 15 1/2″ x 9 3/4″

ALL wood colors are natural, no stains are used.

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Paul Thompson is a resident of Dundas, Ontario which is located right on the western edge of Lake Ontario.

A self taught Artist/Craftsman, Thompson has always felt that works of art are truly creative and unique when they combine functionality with artistic expression. As Thompson works with each piece of wood, he honors each pieces’ natural splendor and allows it to direct him in its transformation into something truly beautiful and one of a kind.

Thompson likes to explore the interplay of copper, brass and bronze with various pieces of wood as he positions each material throughout the piece so they transition and flow effortlessly together. He employs a unique joinery technique, as no nails or screws are used in any part of the construction of the box. Furthermore, all woods used are selected for their natural color and grain, no stain or colorant is used in the process.

The end goal is always the same: to create a unique keepsake box with silken smooth finish and richness that highlights the interplay of grain, copper and color; and, above all, a box that can be used for generations and enjoyed for its beauty as well as its functionality.