Honey Hard Candies


Anellabees signature hard candies are made with honey, organic sugar, and a few more hand-picked quality ingredients. Choose between creamy honey butter, refreshing lemon, or indulgent dark chocolate with a dash of cinnamon. Their hard candy boxes, which include a resealable bag to help things stay sweet, make the perfect gift.

Handcrafted in small batches in Colorado. Weight: 4oz


Staff review: 10/10 stars! The chocolate has a hint of cinnamon before it becomes a rich brownie flavor. The lemon butter has soft hints of refreshing lemon with warm notes of honey.

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About Anellabees:

Life has a way of coming full circle—Anella’s great-great-grandfather Nicandro worked as a confectioner in Belgium and Italy and carried his passion for candy-making to America, where in 1909 he opened a small general store just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Nicandro ran the store alongside his wife, Angela Maria, and neighbors knew their shop to be a sweet stop for delicious candy treats, ice cream, and a little bit of everything else. There’s no greater honor than connecting with such a unique bit of our family history and sharing our long-time love of hand-crafted candy with all of you.

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Honey Butter, Chocolate, Lemon Butter