Intro to Letterpress Printing – June 26th & 27th


Intro to Letterpress Printing

(with Artist, Necole Witcher)
Saturday, June 26th & Sunday, June 27th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm

The Roycroft was founded on the creation of printing pamphlets and beautiful books. In this introduction workshop, students will gain a basic history of letterpress printing, with highlights on Arts & Crafts individuals such as Ruskin, Morris and Hubbard. Printing vocabulary will be taught so that students can identify key components of a platen press and the tools used to prep a chase, such as quoin, reglets, slugs, pica, etc. Participants will take a quote of their choosing and learn how to hand-set type on a composing stick, transfer it to a chase and lock it up for printing. From there students will set their locked chase in position on the press and make multiple prints.

Supplies include all materials needed to make multiple copies of their typeset quote. The tools provided during the class project; type, chase, etc. will remain the property of the Campus. Students are asked to bring a quote of no more than two lines to the first class or they can choose from a variety of Hubbard quotes. You are also highly recommended to bring magnification glasses if needed, and to wear appropriate clothing while working with ink and mineral spirits.


Motivated to reconnect communities through art, Necole brings energy to overlooked places. She studies, paints and communes with many versions of Western New York, trying to derive its essence. When she is not in the woods or hamlets sketching, she’s most likely making prints at the Print Shop at the Roycroft Campus, educating people in this age-old art form. Necole has a diverse background in art, science and education.

Class Tuition $80 + $10 Supplies = Total Cost – $90
Registration is required and seating is limited. (Max. of 4 students)

Register online or email us at and we will return your message or give you a call if you prefer.

All students must wear a mask during class

Please read and follow all additional safety procedures found on our website – Click Here

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