Kayaking at Glacier Bay Framed


This limited-edition block print is designed by Yoshiko Yamamoto and letterpress-printed by hand at The Arts & Crafts Press. It shows a lone kayaker against the backdrop of the grand, pristine landscape of the famed National Park. The image was originally created by Yoshiko for a book “Paddling North” (2012), written by Audrey Sutherland, published by Patagonia.

Limited edition of 240 prints.
Framed size: 20″ x 20.5″

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Born and raised in Tokyo, Yoshiko Yamamoto’s love of printmaking began early. As a teenager, her favorite pastime was to wander through the old dusty bookshops and print shops, collecting the traditional Japanese woodblock prints. After graduating from UC Berkeley in history and music and while working as freelance writer, she and her husband, Bruce Smith, founded the Arts & Crafts Press in 1996.
As a blockprint and watercolor artist, Yoshiko has created numerous landscape and botanical prints and over 250 letterpress greeting cards. Her commissions include the projects for Disney Grand Californian Hotel, the Gamble House National Historic Register, and Patagonia Books, to name a few.
When Yoshiko is not in the studio making prints, she’s often found in her garden, digging, planting, and feeding the wild birds that frequent her garden.