Leather Booties: Elephant, 18-24 month


These leather booties are 100% one of a kind and made with high quality leather. They feature a stretchy backing, and are soft and comfortable for baby.

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Deborah Anderson began working with ceramics during her last year in high school and was soon selling and bartering her handmade pottery, eventually swapping for a bag of leather scraps. This serendipitous exchange began Debbie’s leather working career, now in its fifth decade. Teaching herself how to make patterns, Debbie began constructing custom pouches and handbags, then went onto custom footwear, including sandals, shoes and Renaissance-era boots for historical re-enactors. Over the years, Debbie practiced making shoes for her husband and two daughters, and has lately been making shoes for her grandchildren. However, in 1992, Debbie discovered the world of polymer clay, igniting a new artistic love affair. While Debbie continues working with leather, her main creative passion are the beads and jewelry she designs and produces using polymer clay.