Lilac Pastels Cowl


Woven by hand. Measures 9″ x 28″. Made with cashmere, silk & hand painted fibers.

Recommended washing: hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry, may be pressed with a cool iron.

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Margaret ‘Peg’ Cherre is a self taught hand weaver. Most of her works are created on an 8 harness Macomber loom, which was built in the early 1950s and salvaged in pieces from an old barn. Cherre’s favorite thing about her floor loom is that it spent the majority of its life teaching Veterans to weave as part of physical and emotional therapy at the Buffalo VA Hospital.

Cherre weaves with relatively fine threads, such as cotton, Tencel, silk and rayon chenille. In recent years, she has been dyeing many of the threads she uses prior to weaving. She uses unique combinations of color, fiber and weave structures and no two pieces are ever exactly the same!