Necklace: Half Moon, Large


1 1/2″ long pendant on a 26″ sterling silver adjustable chain.

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LeAnne Marquis Artist Statement:

My jewelry consists of mixed metals such as copper, brass, bronze, sterling and fine silver. To create my ‘fire painted’ jewelry I use a torch on a jewelry grade copper sheet in an 11 step process I have developed over 13 years. I guide the flame to bring out the glorious patterns and luminous hues naturally hidden in the copper. There are no patinas used. I search the fire painted sheets and select where to hand cut my shapes then using a jeweler’s saw or shears, cut my designs from the sheet. Many times I incorporate semi precious gemstones and set them in fine silver to complement the colors in the copper. I implement hot and cold metal-smithing techniques such as soldering, bezel setting, riveting, wire-wrapping and torch fusing.

Although I have mastered the technique of guiding the flame, no two pieces may ever be duplicated due to the wild nature of flame on copper. It truly has a mind of it’s own. My love of color and shape guide my inspiration and I love the anticipation of surprise every time the colors emerge.