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calendula, beeswax


This one’s for the dogs! And chickens, and goats, and kids…

Erin’s aunts (who live in the city with their cute sheltie, Lexi) asked us to make something to protect Lexi’s paws when she walks on the sidewalks in the winter snow and ice. The ice and salt kept getting stuck in the fur on her little feet and they would hurt after walking. By combining skin-soothing calendula-infused sweet almond oil, moisturizing shea butter and protective beeswax, we made a paw protecting balm that has proven to be great at protecting all sorts of other animal parts as well.


Before heading out into the elements, simply place your dog’s paw in the tin and give it a good rub. You can also scoop some out with your fingers, soften it up and rub it into noses, chickens combs, chicken legs, or any exposed area that needs protecting. I’ve definitely rubbed it on my kids’ faces while skiing…


calendula infused sweet almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil

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Gypsy Meadows Market is owned and operated by two plant growing, goat nurturing, bee loving, crafty women who teamed up to share their passions for natural based skin care along with other crafty creations for the home and garden. Put simply, two girls who like gardening, animals and making good stuff.

Everything we create is inspired by the plants we grow, the honey we harvest, the fresh goat milk we collect and our love for simple healthy choices.


Farm Grown Ingredients ~ No Synthetics ~ Cruelty-Free ~ Bee Friendly ~ No Fillers ~ No Gluten Added ~ No Soy Added ~ Nontoxic ~ Plant-Based ~ 100% Non-GMO / Organic ~  pH Optimized ~ Proven Ingredients ~ Therapeutic-Grade ~ Thoughtfully Crafted ~ Sustainably Sourced ~ Handcrafted Small Batches in the USA ~ Woman-Owned


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