Thorn Vase, Copper Black


Handcrafted in Western New York by Tim Dunn of Dunn Designs

Measures 10″ x 3 1/2″

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Dunn received his degree from SUNY Brockport with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing/Jewelry under the direction of his instructor and mentor, Thomas Markusen. While in college he was the Treasurer of the Art Student Association in 1996 and the President in 1997. During such time learning how to run an art gallery and the opening receptions. He exhibited in 5 art shows, 3 being student shows, 1 being a three man show, and 1 being his thesis “Aquatic”. At the end of 1997 Dunn completed the “Craft Business Institute”. After graduating in 1997 he continued his apprenticeship with Tom at his studio in New York. To this day, Dunn is still absorbing all his knowledge of the tradesman’s life. In 2007 he was accepted into the Roycrofters at Large Association and has been inspired by nature’s form. In 2016, Dunn won the “Master Craftsmen award” at the 100 American Craftsmen Show.  Observing the flowers and trees around him has brought substance to his designs. The idea of taking a nonferrous metal and creating a delicate form stimulates him. Since Dunn started his business “Dunn Metal Designs” in 2000, he has exhibited in hundreds of shows all over the North-East coast.