Upstate NY Poster


Unmatted poster, size 11″ x 17″. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Catherine LaPointe Vollmer lives in the “North Country,” the area of New York above the Adirondack Mountains near the Canadian border. She has experience in graphic design, web design, children’s books, and book covers, among other things. Vollmer enjoys dabbling in different styles of artwork, and always has several projects going at once.

These days Catherine finds herself mostly a pastel painter and poster artist. She has always loved to travel, and has increasingly found herself seeking out beautiful natural settings as opposed to urban scenes. Vollmer is inspired to create artwork from her travels, and shares the scenes she finds. As a painter, Catherine works in the style of Modern Impressionism. Modern impressionists seek to capture the fleeting effects of light through loose and expressive marks. When an Artist really connects with a landscape, its all about the mood felt, its hold on the Artist, and the emotional response it brings. It’s like gazing into the eyes of another person for one intimate moment. Catherine’s wish is to inspire those who see her artwork to hold that gaze, instead of quickly glancing away.